The Maiden Voyage, an LGBTQ Children's Book

The second children's book in an inclusive series about LGBTQ adventurers debuts in June 2018, after their November Kickstarter campaign raised $4,000 more than their $40,000 goal. Readers have been waiting for this story for a very long time. The Maiden Voyage is a fairytale following a fisherman's daughter, Ru, who is given a treasure map by her father and joins a crew of sailors, captained by the charismatic Freya. Throughout their adventures and escapades together, the two fall in love. “It’s…

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Google Helps Us Tell Forgotten Latino Stories

Google is on to something with their new Latino Arts & Cultures in the US exhibit at the Getty in Los Angeles. The internet giant teamed up with dozens of…

New Paths

Why Astrology is Making a Comeback Among Millennials

You may have noticed that astrology is no longer a New Age woo-woo practice. These days, you won't be surprised to find tarot cards on department store shelves or hear…


'Movement Art Is' Believes Performance is the Antidote for Anger

Movement Art Is (MAI) knows that performance art is a universal language that connects folks on a plane beyond geography, origin, or background. This organization—founded by two guys who've been…

Head-up America, Let's Walk a New Path

Our story category New Paths shows us that our youth have grit, compassion, and will fight until it’s right.

These individuals remind us that whether our skin color, gender, (dis)ability, our diversity is what makes this movement strong. This ‘digital generation’ thinks a little differently and are willing to try something new if the old way is no longer working.

Come here to sit down and meet some young badass individuals.

These are the stories of all of us.

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American Resilience

JP Sears: Comedy and Sincerity Go Hand in Hand

You may have stumbled across JP Sears' comedy videos taking loving pokes at 'New Age' lifestyles. He's a Youtube sensation who first caught the eye of folks online in 2013. Now, with more than 600k subscribers, he makes fun of everything from the essential oil fad, gluten intolerance, astrology, and Bitcoin. His jokes are good—sometimes too good—and make us question ourselves…

American Resilience

Toni Stone, First Female to Take on Professional Baseball

Marcenia Lyle “Toni” Stone grew up playing baseball with the neighborhood kids, quickly earning the nickname Tomboy Stone. She was the first girl to land a position in the St. Peter Claver Catholic Church boys' baseball team and went on to become the first of three women to become professional baseball players. In 1953, Stone signed with the professional 'Negro…