There's a Revolution Happening in the Toy World

Toy companies are finally starting to offer more inclusive doll options. People of color and those with disabilities have been historically underrepresented in the toy aisles, so this is a big win for kids. Studies show that poor representation in a child's toy selection can lead to a negative psychological impact. Giving kids dolls with varied ethnicities and abilities will likely increase their capacity for empathy in real life. This makes sense. In a society where people of color and people with…

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Tipping Point, Non-Profit Aims to Pioneer the End of Poverty

Tipping Point Community is an SF-based nonprofit that doesn't mess around when it comes to helping folks in need. They raise funds (mostly from private donors) to help local organizations that…

American Resilience

Artist Makes Visceral Arctic Paintings to Show Effects of Climate Change

Watching icebergs begin to drip and melt away is both a global and personal sadness for painter Zaria Forman. Her mother was a renowned photographer who was deeply drawn to…


Harvard Grads Open Student-Run Homeless Shelter for Young Adults

Being homeless is obviously tough, but it can be especially hard as a young adult. Aged out of foster care, young adults are left to adult homeless shelters where their age makes them more…

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6th Graders' Rap About Academic Excellence Goes Viral

Terrance Sims may be a new math instructor at Milwaukee Excellence Charter but he's already everyone's favorite. He uses hip-hop to inspire his students to keep learning. "I just started at this school this year, and when I got there, I wanted the kids to know right away that this was my approach to teaching," Sims told ABC News. "So I…


Concrete Jungle Uses Tech to Feed the Hungry

Eating healthy ain't always easy, especially when you get your groceries at the food bank. Atlanta residents Craig Durkin and Aubrey Daniels wanted to help change that when they started Concrete Jungle in 2009, a volunteer-run urban foraging program that distributes fresh fruits and vegetables to local food banks. What started as an adventure across the city to find free…