Narrative 4 Uses 'Story Exchange' to Change the World

Narrative 4 is an education-focused organization that promotes a curriculum centered on a 'culture of care'. This means, in essence, helping kids cultivate deep empathy for others. Studies agree that putting yourself in another person's shoes can, in turn, make you a better person. "By bringing people together through storytelling, we will build a new narrative for immigration, for the environment, for peace. Our narrative is for change, for fearless hope, and for radical empathy," Narrative 4's site explains. The main tools in…

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They2ze, Newly Launched All-Inclusive App for Transgender Spectrum Youth

A group of dogged Bay Area-based innovators just launched an app called They2ze, created by LGBTQ folks at YTH (an organization bridging youth health and technology). Funded by the National…


'Post-Organic' Farm Uses Tech to Create Farm of the Future

Amid an exploding world population, water shortages, and poisoned-sprayed veggies, farming is struggling to keep up without burning out. Enter Bowery Farming, a brand new farming business in New Jersey…

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The Conscious Kid Help Raise New Generation of Woke Kids

As we move into a new year full of fresh optimism about how our country can make positive progress, The Conscious Kid (TCK) is helping ensure kids understand the importance…

The kids are alright

Our story category New Paths shows us that our youth have grit, compassion, and will fight until it’s right.

These individuals remind us that whether our skin color, gender, (dis)ability, our diversity is what makes this movement strong. This ‘digital generation’ thinks a little differently and are willing to try something new if the old way is no longer working.

Come here to sit down and meet some young badass individuals.

These are the stories of all of us.

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3 Fish Studios: California Artists, Keepers of America's Future

"You can be powerful and kind," artist Eric Rewitzer told Time Magazine. Rewitzer was referring to an illustration he and his wife, Annie Galvin, made in response to the Trump presidency. The piece is a linocut of a ferocious grizzly bear showing its fangs. Bright, painted poppies bloomed at its feet. Using the words of California legislature in response to Trump winning…


John Legend's Unlocked Futures Takes Aim at America's Recidivism Problem

John Legend – the silky-voiced pop star who turns all the heads – is a social justice ninja working hard to reduce recidivism. First, through his non-profit FREEAMERICA, and now with an accelerator program called Unlocked Futures, Legend tackles prison reform with the deep belief that some simple changes can make a monumentally positive impact. Studies show that the lack…