Social Impact Technology

social impact technology

The New Sincerity Innovation Lab is designing technology that advances equity and improves the lives of all Americans.

We believe making the world a better place requires technology. From implicit bias and poverty-alleviation to education, digital media and community development, the New Sincerity Innovation Lab is creating online training products, apps and software that solve big social problems.

We’re building an online training platform that promotes inclusion.

New Sincerity is big on celebrating culture, identity and difference. We’re building a training platform for organizations that share these values. A report from McKinsey found that public companies with high gender, racial and ethnic diversity perform better financially, so we know the goal is worthwhile. We also understand that change is hard, activating deep and complex thoughts and emotions in workers.

Our platform is in alpha now and we’re gathering feedback from others in the training and diversity space. Contact us to explore a partnership.

One of the big innovations we’re exploring now is artificial intelligence.

The growth of AI brings with it great opportunity, but also risk. AI software often perpetuates the same stereotypes and bias in machine learning as found in language created by humans. Bryson, Caliskan and Narayanan at Princeton published a paper in Science that reveals the depth of the problem, and New Sincerity is a part of the solution.

New Sincerity is also researching fake news.

The negative impacts of fabricated news on American institutions and lives is huge. Barthel, Mitchell and Holcomb with the Pew Research Center revealed that fake news has left a majority of Americans greatly confused about current events. The Innovation Lab is interested in the social networks, systems and algorithms that share information, and advancing equity through information.

What is your idea?

We’re not building The Innovation Lab alone. We partner with entrepreneurs, foundations and changemakers to explore, define and build technology that promotes equity and advances inclusive values. Working on a project basis we’ll help move your idea from the back of a napkin into code.



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