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Maria, Resilient in Every Way

A look inside Resilient Coders.

Resilient Coders believes that – no matter their history – every kid deserves a fair shake at success. They’re hacking the opportunity gap by leading Boston youth of all backgrounds down the pretty path of code.

Here’s how they do it: mentorship, rigorous bootcamps, and a program called ‘the Lab’ where they pair bootcamp grads with experts to work on client projects together. Students are primed to have wildly successful careers in web development.

David Delmar, Executive Director and Founder, believes that tech is “an opportunity for real meritocracy (…) and in the resilience of Boston’s youth.”

Resilient Coders welcomed Maria Inés into the program as a front-end developer. She’s never shied away from pushing the envelope or trying something new. In 2013, she was part of Dream 9, a group of DREAMers (minors who immigrated to the US illegally and were allowed to stay under an Obama-era policy) that donned their graduation gowns and intentionally got themselves detained at the border as an act of political defiance.


Resilient Coders team
Maria (second from the left) standing by the border with members of Dream 9. (Photo: Latino USA)


Their goal? To help shift the dominant narrative about undocumented immigrants and remind us the limbo many young adults face today. Maria – who is fluently bilingual – became a surrogate voice for many other women detainees she met there.

She’s back in the US now and considers herself an American. This is where she choses to build her future and RC is helping her do that, one piece of code at a time.

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Agrihood - food cultivation American Resilience

First Sustainable ‘Agrihood’ Gives Free Produce to 2,000 Detroit Residents

An urban renewal option that fosters communities instead of tearing them down and replacing them with gentrification.

One of Earth’s greatest challenges today is finding ways to give everyone access to nutritious and sustainable food. We know – small countryside farms. But how can we work with what we have today to generate sustainable grub?

Let’s talk *agrihood*, a new concept that promotes a localized relationship between living, eating, and working. It’s not new age mumbo jumbo, it’s actually cutting edge innovation that even big corporations are curious about because it’s working.

Non-profit The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI), along with funding from corporate friends with local interests (inc General Motors Technical Center and Sustainable Brands), formed the first sustainable agrihood in America. They’re based in Detroit, and they give free produce to 2,000 nearby residents. They’re also turning a nearby abandoned building into a community resource center that will soon be home to a cafe, non-profit incubator, and workshop space.



“More and more companies are realizing that if they embed purpose into the mission they can really help the communities that they’re in,” Jonathan Reese, Director of Business Development at Sustainable Brands.

Agrihoods aren’t a one size fits all type of deal but that’s what’s cool about them. They ask the community what they need and build accordingly.

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