Eayikes, Non-Profit Empowering Youth

Listening breaks down walls and changes lives.

Eayikes [say E-Yikes] is a non-profit built by 3 friends – Alex, Kyle, and Ray – that’s creating safe, creative spaces to help young folks make positive changes in their lives and their worlds. They aim to teach kids how to really listen and cultivating wonder.

“You’ll hear other people’s stories and experiences, things that haven’t happened to you and you can take their stories and add it to your life. Slowly you’ll let down your walls, you’ll break free and start your own thinking,” says Jahleel, an Eayikes Camper.


The 3 founders’ worked together at the Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP) of UC Irvine. The massive impact that being heard and validated had in helping incoming freshmen transition to college life stuck with them. That kind of emotional support became the foundation of all that Eayikes does.

Camps, workshops, and community service are just the tip of the iceberg, though. Eayikes gets creative – like impromptu cheer tunnels – to help youth engage, strengthen and improve their communities.

Imaginations are boundless, but sometimes it takes a little support to believe in your own.

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Lingerie Brand Naja Beasts

Lingerie Brand Naja is Hitting Patriarchy Where it Hurts – the Bottom Line

Designed, sewn and worn by women, Naja is making lingerie to empower women and save the environment, and it's sexy as Hell.

Naja is an eco-friendly and socially conscious lingerie brand co-founded by Catalina Girald and Golden Globe-winner Gina Rodriguez. We know what you’re thinking—another celeb out to get some good publicity. But here’s the thing, Gina and Catalina want to empower women and build an inclusive business at the same time. And with Naja, they’re actually doing it.

“You don’t have to have any specific body type to wear lingerie or feel sexy as hell in it. All women own it. We want women to understand that outer beauty is not a measure of self-worth; power comes from within,” Gina explains.

Naja’s goal to empower women starts at their garment factory in Catalina’s native Colombia. They primarily employ single mothers or female heads of households, implementing flexible work policies to make it easier for women to balance work and childcare. Using only 5 recycled fabrics that are purchased and digitally printed in LA, water waste is next to none. The costs they save are then put towards school books, lunches, and uniforms for the children of their employees, and healthcare benefits are provided on top of their above market wages. Naja deeply understands the importance of demanding quality, not just in the product you buy, but in the life of the person who made it. We’re calling for greater transparency, sustainability & ethics in the fashion industry!



The inclusivity carries on to consumers, like in their more recent “Nude for All” campaign. Diversity is embraced and differences are celebrated as the traditionally whitewashed “nude” color transforms into 7 different shades to fit every skin tone. The ads star racially and ethnically diverse women with a variety of body types and professional accomplishments.From a soloist for the San Francisco Ballet to a Harvard Business School student, Naja exemplifies women breaking barriers. Gina recognized the power behind her voice and is using it to shine

From a soloist for the San Francisco Ballet to a Harvard Business School student, Naja exemplifies women breaking barriers. Gina recognized the power behind her voice and is using it to shine light on those often overshadowed in mainstream media.

Our voices matter now more than ever as we push for an America that is for all of us. So let’s get behind a brand celebrating the diversity that makes our country so beautiful.

Read our piece on FLAVNT, another all-inclusive fashion company.

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