Hearts are Heavy for Vegas American Resilience

Our Hearts are Heavy for Vegas

Today we mourn for Las Vegas, tomorrow we fight for them.

This week we mourn the lives lost and send love, light and energy to their friends and families. We honor the first-responders, law enforcement and everyone on the scene of the tragedy who helped out – your empathy and courage are an inspiration.

Thousands affected by the shooting and the Las Vegas community will now come together and start a long and painful road towards recovery. We wish them healing. We can’t imagine the grief.

New Sincerity is an inclusive community that believes in empathy and taking action. We don’t wait around for someone else to take that first step – we leap. Here are some things you can do today to rise up and care for strangers.

• Donate your blood.

If you’re in Las Vegas – wonderful! If you’re not, donate locally to help a stranger neighbor. How wild is it you can literally give your own life force to help someone else?



• Give to the National Compassion Fund

This organization gives direct financial support to victims of mass crime. One-hundred percent of all proceeds will go directly to the Las Vegas victims and their families.  Go here to pitch your dollar and to show that, no matter what, we have their back.

• Follow and donate to Everytown

This devastation is part of a larger issue of gun violence. Did you know it’s easier to buy a gun than get a food handler’s license? There are more gun stores in the US than there are Starbucks in the world. Hmmmm… something isn’t right. Everytown is a movement of politicians, cops, moms and gun owners who know that comprehensive gun reform is necessary. Donate here to get those gun laws and policies reformed. 

• Be sweet to each other. 

‘Nuff said.



They2ze new app American Resilience

They2ze, Newly Launched All-Inclusive App for Transgender Spectrum Youth

We're thrilled to say, there's an app for that.

A group of dogged Bay Area-based innovators just launched an app called They2ze, created by LGBTQ folks at YTH (an organization bridging youth health and technology).

Funded by the National Library of Medicine, They2ze connects folks in the Bay Area with access to vetted health and HIV resources and best practices. Their core belief is that everyone deserves access to information, especially when it concerns their health.

The AIDS/HIV epidemic is still highly prevalent and they hope that with ready access to this info they can help mitigate and treat it, including info on where to get tests or PrEP medication. With a GPS component that can be activated, users can easily link up to places nearby.



This app is built primarily for trans youth, but also helpful for healthcare professionals wanting to get clued in on LGBTQ-friendly health programs, and even just allies who would love to learn more.

“Some of the problems many young people face, particularly young folks who identify as genderqueer, is finding a service that explicitly supports and serves them,” says Jay Lykens, Program Coordinator at YTH.

“Some services are framed or geared only towards those who identify as transgender women or transgender men. We want to make sure those are included, but also expand service access to everyone within the transgender-spectrum.”

For now, They2ze serves only the Bay Area. Soon, they hope to spread state and, eventually, nationwide.


Feature photo: YTH Instagram

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