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Best Day Project is a Suicide Prevention Project That Will Help You Keep Your Head Up

Enter to win your own Best Day and find resources for suicide prevention.

Grace Kim grew up in a community where being gay was unacceptable. At age 4 they already knew they didn’t fit within the gender binary (Kim uses gender-neutral pronouns), and the trauma led them to become selectively mute for almost 20 years. They were severely depressed and suicidal.

They decided that before they committed suicide they would have one amazing day. They spent that day in their hometown, San Francisco, riding the trolley cars and stopping in bookstores. By just being present and free to feel joy, something changed. It turned out that one good day in SF gave Grace a reason to live.

“There’s always hope if you’re alive,” Kim told Upworthy.


LGBTQIA youth are 4x more likely to commit suicide. Kim is dedicated to reducing this number and is giving youth the freedom and joy they might not know can exist, starting with the best day of their life. Their organization is called Best Day Project, fittingly, and it’s an LGBTQIA youth suicide prevention organization. Here you’ll find videos on the hundred things Kim committed to doing in 100 days on their journey to self-discovery, and you can enter to win your own best day of your life. You submit your biggest dream and you have a chance to win it.

Gaela Graciela Solo was the first to win the best day of their life from Kim.

“When I first met Grace I confided in her my secret: wanting to wear a long wedding gown with layers of tulle,” Solo told Upworthy. Her biggest wish was to throw a wedding for herself. That’s exactly what happened.


Gaela Graciela Solo's Best Day Project photo
Gaela Graciela Solo’s is one of several who was given their best day ever through the Best Day Project. Photo: Best Day Project / Facebook


100% of donations to the Best Day Project go towards giving someone the best day of their life. Or if you’re still waiting for the best day of your life, submit your dream and, who knows, maybe it’ll come true.

If you’re struggling with thoughts of suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.

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The Conscious Kid Help Raise New Generation of Woke Kids

This organization knows that the best way to reduce bias is to start at the root: the kids.

As we move into a new year full of fresh optimism about how our country can make positive progress, The Conscious Kid (TCK) is helping ensure kids understand the importance of diversity.

With partnerships, TCK’s education programs aim to reduce bias and effectively promote positive identity development in youth. The group also supports research and policy organization.

Children are like sponges so what they’re exposed to matters immensely in who they’ll become when they grow up.



And, well, every kid loves a good book. The Conscious Kid offers monthly book subscriptions, delivered in gift paper for extra excitement.

There are several subscription options to choose from, like one book every month for $20, or three borrowed books a month for $30. Parents can select their age group of choice.

Through their Medium blog, they serve up book lists we wish we’d had when we were young. Most recently, they highlighted books with indigenous protagonists written by indigenous authors. Indigenous characters are wildly under-represented in kids books—a recent survey found only 1% of children’s books feature an indigenous character.


Photo: The Conscious Kid Instagram


Feature photo: The Conscious Kid/art by Rafael López

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