Vid of Harvard Graduate’s Speech on Equality Goes Viral

Turns out, some viral vids are actually worth the time it takes to watch them.

Donovan Livingston delivered a speech at his Harvard graduation and it went viral.

It wasn’t a normal speech – it was a poem.

The audience hushed as they listened intently. He spoke of racism in the education system, and how vital it is to offer each person an equal opportunity to learn and grow, regardless of their skin color. What made his words buzz was the way he spoke: with optimism. To him, we use the past as a lesson on how to make our future a place for everyone. Donovan for president?

“Together, we can inspire galaxies of greatness

For generations to come

No, sky is not the limit.

It is only the beginning

Lift off.”

Then ensued the standing ovation.

Watch for yourself, then hit ‘Share’.

Maysoon Zayid Palestinian Muslim Beasts

Palestinian Muslim Comedian Breaking Rules

This woman's no laughing matter.

Maysoon Zayid is smashing stereotypes with love and laughter. She’s a Palestinian Muslim from Jersey living with Cerebral Palsy and she loves breaking rules.

Like, you know, the one that says standup comedians don’t sit down. Or, that women can’t be funny. Because Zayid does both.

She also works with disabled children and tells jokes in the Middle East. And she starts things like the New York Arab American Comedy Fest – right after 9/11. Oh, and after recently receiving a smattering of anti-Muslim death threats, she didn’t stay at home. You’re supposed to stay at home, right?



So what do you think she did during the Republican National Convention? The one where the guy with the hair said terrible things about women and Muslims, both. She gave them a free performance, of course.

And you know what – they loved her.

Zayid is basically the best ever. She’s fearlessly challenging stereotypes with love rather than hate, which takes some real guts. Here’s to you, Zayid, one of many important rule breakers and change-makers out there. We got nothing but love for you.

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