Best Day Project is a Suicide Prevention Project That Will Help You Keep Your Head Up

Grace Kim grew up in a community where being gay was unacceptable. At age 4 they already knew they didn't fit within the gender binary (Kim uses gender-neutral pronouns), and the trauma led them to become selectively mute for almost 20 years. They were severely depressed and suicidal. They decided that before they committed suicide they would have one amazing day. They spent that day in their hometown, San Francisco, riding the trolley cars and stopping in bookstores. By just being present and free to feel joy, something changed. It turned out that one good day in SF gave Grace a reason…

Bringing forth the hidden lives

Sonder is the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

Here, we celebrate our untethered curiosity to learn more about each other. Humans overlap, co-mingle, and percolate – and through this we change. What can we learn from the softness of a stranger?

Meet Jean Melesaine, a Bay Area photographer who tells stories of people caught in the in-between.

Then there are the geniuses behind the Shine Theory – the idea that success of others will in turn bring success to you. Do what the teabag says for once – be nice and help others.

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They’re part of the Refugee Wilderness Explorers Program, born from a team effort between New Mexico Wilderness Alliance and the Catholic Charities Refugee Mentoring Program. “The summer camps and afterschool programs we offer, while very helpful for the children, are meant to supplement the help that the children will get from their mentors, once they are matched,” Danielle Hernandez, the…


Seattle Kids Going to Preschool in Nursing Home

How do we make sure the oldest and youngest of us aren’t being lost in the shuffle of our busy lives? The Mount in Seattle, Washington, is taking a back-to-the-future approach to the modern problem. Loneliness and depression are leading issues for many elderly in the U.S. And the wisdom and experience of older folks aren't being passed on to…


Silicon Valley Is Genderfluid

Cyan is an entrepreneur who sees her career as a way to pave new opportunities for the formerly invisible. She’s a freakin’ legend in the tech world, known for her prescient investments in a lotta today’s hot shots, like Uber and SpaceX. Now she’s an investor for Founders Fund, a big SF-based investing company. She's a smart cookie, and a…


How to Resist Without Burning Out

If the constant barrage of bad news has got you feeling like running for the northern border you’re in good company. Teen Vogue's Jessica Goudeau has the trick to keep standing up without wearing down. Microresistances — a response to those subtle incidents of discrimination called microaggressions —are small actions that when made on the daily chip away at big problems.…


American Resilience

Stories of flexing under adversity and refusing to break. If you've ever brushed the dirt off and got back to work, your spirit's in here.


People rattling the gates of the status quo for the sake of social progress. Rugged individualists 2.0.


Erasing the lines drawn to keep us apart. Building the communities that keep us strong.

Breaking Bread

Collaborations the haters said could never happen - everyday folks coming together and doin' work. Some call it radical inclusivity. We like to call it common sense.


Artists, builders, creators, and dreamers with dirt under their nails and wild imaginations.

New Paths

Tech and business trailblazers, innovators, and takers of the road less traveled pushing America forward.

Rise Up

America is filled with people helping one another. Here's where you can meet them and learn something new. Get ready to volunteer, donate and take some action.


The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

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