Best Day Project is a Suicide Prevention Project That Will Help You Keep Your Head Up

Grace Kim grew up in a community where being gay was unacceptable. At age 4 they already knew they didn't fit within the gender binary (Kim uses gender-neutral pronouns), and the trauma led them to become selectively mute for almost 20 years. They were severely depressed and suicidal. They decided that before they committed suicide they would have one amazing day. They spent that day in their hometown, San Francisco, riding the trolley cars and stopping in bookstores. By just being present and free to feel joy, something changed. It turned out that one good day in SF gave Grace a reason…

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Access to Legal Representation is Key to Democracy

The U.S. is actually one of the lowest ranked democracies when it comes to fairness in the justice system. Ouch. But take a look, some smarties in San Francisco are changing things. Open Door Legal operates on this idea of universal access to legal representation. They know that those with money and power usually get to call the shots, and…

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The Heart Radio

The Heart Radio plays with the deepness of humanity and intimacy. Love shapes our lives in many ways and this podcast is out to explore that. They talk about 'where masculinity and femininity meet' and what remains when a partner leaves for good. We love it because it makes you blush (in the best way), and normalizes ideas of intimacy…

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Forest Bathing: Free Medicine, No Swallowing Required

In case you missed it, forest bathing is a form of stress-reducing therapy that first began in Japan (called ‘shinrin-yoku’) and is taking off all over the US. No bathing suit required here – all you need is a little bit of time to play in the woods. Recent Japanese research shows that this is, in fact, medicine that works.…

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A River of Milk & Honey

The people in Yuma, Arizona have deep love for the Colorado River. Milk & Honey is a short film that gives us an intimate look into the lives of these communities, showing us that a modern existence and a life committed to the land can go hand-in-hand. The community speaks of the river as if it were a relative. Local…


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