Women in America More Likely to be Talked Over Than Men, 22-yr-old Student Fights Back

Philly college student Samera Paz is only 22. But that’s more than enough life experience to realize that women in America still have to struggle to be heard. Instead of waiting for society to get their act together she got her hands dirty and created spaces where young women can come together and—wait for it—speak without being cut off, talked over or shut down. And she called it, fittingly, Girl Power Meetups. The meetups, in D.C. and Baltimore so far, are spots where self-identifying girls—cis, trans, and queer alike—can have candid conversations. Girls share ideas, artwork and creative expressions. They…

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Airbnb for Seniors

The Freebird Club is not, as you might expect, a collection of those loud guys from every concert ever discussing ways to get bands to actually play Freebird. It’s an Airbnb-like startup promoting travel and social connection among a demographic often overlooked by the tech crowd – seniors. The club’s members are all age 50+ and host or stay with…

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DACA's End Spells Trouble For American Innovation

As we wait to see how Congress will deal with the possible end of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and restrictions on immigration become more stringent than they've ever been, we are beginning to wonder how different our country's future may be. The National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) – a non-partisan, non-profit focused on policy research – published a…

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How to Fight Hate Without Burning Out

Many of us are still reeling from recent events in Charlottesville and are worried about the slated protests (and counter-protests) in the coming weeks. The Southern Poverty Law Center recently published a guide that is worth referring to, called Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide. We get it – the feeling of complete overwhelm can sometimes eclipse…

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Texas Dad Stands Up for Trans Son

There’s a video of a speech he gave a while back (published by prolific LGBTQ advocacy group Equality Texas) that’s now going viral. Ballard talks about discovering that his trans son, Ashur Ballard, had attempted suicide. Realizing that Ashur was truly a boy, Ballard says, “Was I gonna try to be a bully? Was I gonna try to put him…


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