There’s a Revolution Happening in the Toy World

Toy companies are finally starting to offer more inclusive doll options. People of color and those with disabilities have been historically underrepresented in the toy aisles, so this is a big win for kids. Studies show that poor representation in a child's toy selection can lead to a negative psychological impact. Giving kids dolls with varied ethnicities and abilities will likely increase their capacity for empathy in real life. This makes sense. In a society where people of color and people with varied abilities are often are pushed to the side or left out of the conversation, it's important to…

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New Paths

Preteen Invents Device to Aid in Flint Water Crisis

Gitanjali Rao is an 11-year-old Colorado native who spends her free time perusing the MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering’s website. Just, like, regular 11-year-old stuff. But why? Fair question. She's finding inspiration for her inventions. Rao's been closely following the Flint, Michigan, water crisis for the past two years, so when she was on the MIT website and…

New Paths

Rural Sourcing Inc. Brings Tech To Rural Communities

People in rural areas of the US often feel left out of the tech circle as jobs in IT are more scarce in these 'flyover' zones. Many who are pursuing tech feel they have to switch careers or leave their communities for jobs. “This is the kind of place where I want to raise my child, and with my wife finishing…

New Paths

Two Girls Invent Best, Inclusive Superhero Costume Ever

Casey Pearlman and Yasmin Idris are two teens from Laguna Niguel, California who decided they needed to invent their own superhero for Halloween. Superman or Wonder Woman just wouldn't do. They called themselves 'Juslims' and one of their superpowers is to 'watch each other's back'. They donned striped leggings and capes with the letters JM painted on in glitter glue.…

New Paths

Granola Bars Made by Ex-Inmates Gives Second Chance

Defy Ventures is helping rewrite the narrative of American prisoners by giving them a real shot at success. Seth Sundberg is one of those Americans who has big stories and big dreams. A one-time NBA player, Seth fell into some money trouble in 2010 and spent the next several years locked up behind bars. To deal with life behind bars…


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