The Maiden Voyage, an LGBTQ Children’s Book

The second children's book in an inclusive series about LGBTQ adventurers debuts in June 2018, after their November Kickstarter campaign raised $4,000 more than their $40,000 goal. Readers have been waiting for this story for a very long time. The Maiden Voyage is a fairytale following a fisherman's daughter, Ru, who is given a treasure map by her father and joins a crew of sailors, captained by the charismatic Freya. Throughout their adventures and escapades together, the two fall in love. “It’s important for young people to feel included, that they have a place in the world and something they…

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AOL Founder Brings Tech Money to States America Left Behind

As tech experts and investors begin to see the entrepreneurial potential in flyover states, the tech boom may no longer be a hermetic wealth bonanza isolated in coastal metropolises. In states where many residents feel they've been left behind by the decline of industrial jobs, the alternatives are starting to look promising. Skeptical? Here's the scoop. Steve Case—the founder of…


Kendrick Lamar and Late Photographer Gordon Parks Span Time to Tackle Social Justice Issues

Rapper Kendrick Lamar is, as many know, a pioneer in the music world. A self-made rap icon from the streets of Compton, his humble personality mixed with his willingness to deal with dark topics have drawn many people to his music. Lamar reminds us that our past can never be forgotten, and, in fact, can be where we can find…


Q&A: Destiny Eames on Body Positivity and Social Justice Art

Hey readers, This week, we had a convo with visual artist extraordinaire Destiny Eames on why she creates. Eames is a graphic design student at Carlow University and an artist for social justice. Her vibrant work focuses on body-positivity and advocating for the peripheralized. Her art has received awards and has been featured in several journals, including The Critical Point and…


Q&A: Mer Young on Making Art to Respect Those Who Came Before Us

Mer Young is a California-based artist of mixed descent who is best known for her colorful collages including folks of indigenous descent. Our conversation with her was spurred from a mutual desire to remember our past and use it as guidance for the future. Young currently has some pieces on exhibition at Kaleidoscope Kollective in Echo Park, LA, and ChimMaya Gallery in…


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