Women in America More Likely to be Talked Over Than Men, 22-yr-old Student Fights Back

Philly college student Samera Paz is only 22. But that’s more than enough life experience to realize that women in America still have to struggle to be heard. Instead of waiting for society to get their act together she got her hands dirty and created spaces where young women can come together and—wait for it—speak without being cut off, talked over or shut down. And she called it, fittingly, Girl Power Meetups. The meetups, in D.C. and Baltimore so far, are spots where self-identifying girls—cis, trans, and queer alike—can have candid conversations. Girls share ideas, artwork and creative expressions. They…

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Breaking Bread

Seattle Kids Going to Preschool in Nursing Home

How do we make sure the oldest and youngest of us aren’t being lost in the shuffle of our busy lives? The Mount in Seattle, Washington, is taking a back-to-the-future approach to the modern problem. Loneliness and depression are leading issues for many elderly in the U.S. And the wisdom and experience of older folks aren't being passed on to…

Breaking Bread

Life After Hate: Neo-Nazi Turned Human Rights Leader

After a decade as leader of America’s deadliest neo-nazi gang Chicago Area Skinheads (CASH), Christian Picciolini found peace. Today, he’s 20 years into running Life After Hate (LAH) – a non-profit dedicated to shining a light on basic human goodness. Isolated and lonely, Christian fell in with CASH early in life. They gave him the attention he craved and the family…

Breaking Bread

Service on Skid Row

New Sincerity contributing writer Nicole Nordstrom is a student at UCLA. She recently went down to Gladys Park in L.A.'s Skidrow to check out NS partners Eayikes and Skidrow Coffee in action.  ⠀⠀ As soon as I entered Gladys Park, I was greeted with a warm hug by Alex Yoon. Alex is one of the founders of Eayikes, an organization…

Breaking Bread

Gary Understands How You Feel

BGary Noesner spent more than three decades as a hostage crisis negotiator. Yeah, like real crazy Law & Order type stuff. But it’s what Gary’s good at. After a siege went awry in Texas, Noesner took it upon himself to improve the whole program. At the core of this approach was a tool he thinks we all can benefit from…


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