Harvard Grads Open Student-Run Homeless Shelter for Young Adults

Being homeless is obviously tough, but it can be especially hard as a young adult. Aged out of foster care, young adults are left to adult homeless shelters where their age makes them more vulnerable than older adults. Sarah Rosenkrantz and Sam Greenberg – recent graduates of Harvard – opened Y2Y Harvard Square, a student-run homeless shelter for young adults, to offer an alternative solution. Now, homeless youth ages 18 to 24 in the Boston area can count on having a safer place to sleep at night. “Young people don’t feel safe, and often aren’t, in adult shelters,” said Rosenkrantz told Huffington Post. “We felt it…

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Breaking Bread

Couple Creates 'Ask a Muslim' Booth to Battle Fear

Mona Haydar and Sebastian Robins set up a little booth near Cambridge library with signs that said “Ask a Muslim”, boxes full of donuts, and thermoses of hot coffee. They were really nervous at first. ⠀⠀ It was 2015, shortly after the horrible shooting in San Bernadino. The two parents hid in their homes for days, afraid to leave the…

Breaking Bread

Two Girls Invent Best, Inclusive Superhero Costume Ever

Casey Pearlman and Yasmin Idris are two teens from Laguna Niguel, California who decided they needed to invent their own superhero for Halloween. Superman or Wonder Woman just wouldn't do. They called themselves 'Juslims' and one of their superpowers is to 'watch each other's back'. They donned striped leggings and capes with the letters JM painted on in glitter glue.…

Breaking Bread

Multi-Religious Wedding Shows Love Has No Borders

The day Seema attended Shannon's boot camp class, Shannon was smitten. She told a fellow instructor, "I'm going to marry her." Turns out that wasn't a lie. Six years later they finally held a small wedding ceremony. “Seema is Hindu and I am Christian [...] For the wedding we chose to have a Pandit (a Hindu priest) to honor the traditions…

Breaking Bread

Explorer Club Celebrates 85 Years of Badass Lady Adventurers

At their first dinner, a woman showed up with a mummified South American Indian head – only a hint of the Earthly oddities the Society of Women Geographers chased. The whole thing started when a group of well-traveled and sharp as hell women wanted in on the all-male Explorer’s Club, to which the men turned up their noses and said,…


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