Nuns Block Pipeline Construction

In Pennsylvania's rural Lancaster County, a group of nuns has staunchly refused to let an energy company build a natural gas pipeline through a cornfield – a place the whole community cherishes. Now the company is appealing to 'eminent domain' as a way to work around their protest and build it anyway. The nuns replied "not so fast" and, on July 9th, built a chapel right in the path of the proposed pipeline. If the company were to go forward with their construction they would have to destroy a consecrated site of worship. These Catholic nuns are part of a…

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Access to Legal Representation is Key to Democracy

The U.S. is actually one of the lowest ranked democracies when it comes to fairness in the justice system. Ouch. But take a look, some smarties in San Francisco are changing things. Open Door Legal operates on this idea of universal access to legal representation. They know that those with money and power usually get to call the shots, and…


Former Joint Chief-of-Staff Mike Mullen Says NO to Trans Military Ban

Recently, Mullen urged Congress to reject the Trump administration’s attempt to ban trans folks from serving. Mullen’s been in the corner of the LGBTQ community for a long while, heading the repeal of the ignominious 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy' and a speaking out against a recent bill that would have cut funding of gender-related medical expenses for trans folks…


Ironically, Vitriol Directed at Arizona Senate Hopeful Boost Her Campaign

Deedra Abboud, long-time lawyer and first-time political candidate, is a Muslim-American running for a 2018 Arizona Senate seat. A recent campaign video published on her Facebook page received a slew of offensive comments. Ironically, the attacks drew more media attention to her campaign than ever before and people from both sides of the aisle are now in her corner. Her…


Sylvan Esso, Fluidity in Motion

Every so often we like to take a second and remind ourselves that all things change, and it is often good and always enlightening. Sylvan Esso, our favorite band at the moment, make change a constant. The 2 that make up the duo were both prolific folk musicians before they met. Then, “We went out for grilled cheese sandwiches and…


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