Palestinian Muslim Comedian Breaking Rules

Maysoon Zayid is smashing stereotypes with love and laughter. She’s a Palestinian Muslim from Jersey living with Cerebral Palsy and she loves breaking rules. Like, you know, the one that says standup comedians don’t sit down. Or, that women can’t be funny. Because Zayid does both. She also works with disabled children and tells jokes in the Middle East. And she starts things like the New York Arab American Comedy Fest – right after 9/11. Oh, and after recently receiving a smattering of anti-Muslim death threats, she didn’t stay at home. You’re supposed to stay at home, right?    …

Resilient Coders, a Nonprofit Welcoming Marginalized into Tech

RC tech advisor Alec Ortega and graduate, Maria Inés, two Bostonians tipping the scale toward inclusivity and diversity in tech.

Bootcamps and mentorships at Resilient Coders are offered specifically to disadvantaged youth.

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Ironically, Vitriol Directed at Arizona Senate Hopeful Boost Her Campaign

Deedra Abboud, long-time lawyer and first-time political candidate, is a Muslim-American running for a 2018 Arizona Senate seat. A recent campaign video published on her Facebook page received a slew of offensive comments. Ironically, the attacks drew more media attention to her campaign than ever before and people from both sides of the aisle are now in her corner. Her…


Leading the Resistance on Magnetic Fields Tour

Pinky Weitzman knows how to lead the resistance without burning out. Her trick is to make time for art. She’s deputy digital director at the American Civil Liberties Union, an organization that defends people's rights and liberties, and that Fast Company has recently deemed as “Leading the Resistance.” She’s been there for 3 years, with a leave of absence to…


Kansas City Mayor Schools Missouri Governor

He said funding the arts shouldn’t be a priority. But then something happened. Kansas City Mayor Sly James responded with his own public letter, saying that art is very much a priority. "The arts are vital to our city’s collective personality and history and we must support this industry if we wish to remain a world-class city that welcomes and…


LGBTQ Anti-Discrimination Law Succeeds in Federal Courts

This had discrimination written all over it so she took the issue to court and in April celebrated a victory. Under the umbrella of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, federal courts have ruled that LGBTQ employees cannot be discriminated against in the workplace due to their sexual orientation or gender. This came as a somewhat surprising triumph – of the…


American Resilience

Stories of flexing under adversity and refusing to break. If you've ever brushed the dirt off and got back to work, your spirit's in here.


People rattling the gates of the status quo for the sake of social progress. Rugged individualists 2.0.


Erasing the lines drawn to keep us apart. Building the communities that keep us strong.

Breaking Bread

Collaborations the haters said could never happen - everyday folks coming together and doin' work. Some call it radical inclusivity. We like to call it common sense.


Artists, builders, creators, and dreamers with dirt under their nails and wild imaginations.

New Paths

Tech and business trailblazers, innovators, and takers of the road less traveled pushing America forward.

Rise Up

America is filled with people helping one another. Here's where you can meet them and learn something new. Get ready to volunteer, donate and take some action.


The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

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