SF Supervisor Jane Kim Proposes Taxing Robots

In August, SF Supervisor Jane Kim launched a campaign called Jobs of the Future Fund, with intentions to find solutions for those who will inevitably lose jobs as automation increases. "Proceeds from the tax would bankroll things like job retraining, free community college, or perhaps a universal basic income―countermeasures Kim thinks might make a robotic future more bearable for humans," says Wired. The campaign's site states that this 'automation revolution' has the potential to eliminate more jobs than the Great Depression and Great Recession combined. As much as half of the jobs in the US will disappear "through the transition to…

Resilient Coders, a Nonprofit Welcoming Marginalized into Tech

RC tech advisor Alec Ortega and graduate, Maria Inés, two Bostonians tipping the scale toward inclusivity and diversity in tech.

Bootcamps and mentorships at Resilient Coders are offered specifically to disadvantaged youth.

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Veterans Who Stepped Outside the Fold

This week we honor the veterans who believe in a country that stands for everyone. That is something we are still working towards. The US continues to tout 'endless victory' and 'freedom for all', so on the weekend of Veteran's Day we take a moment to show respect for those who may have been forgotten, those in service who didn't…


Concrete Jungle Uses Tech to Feed the Hungry

Eating healthy ain't always easy, especially when you get your groceries at the food bank. Atlanta residents Craig Durkin and Aubrey Daniels wanted to help change that when they started Concrete Jungle in 2009, a volunteer-run urban foraging program that distributes fresh fruits and vegetables to local food banks. What started as an adventure across the city to find free…


Preteen Invents Device to Aid in Flint Water Crisis

Gitanjali Rao is an 11-year-old Colorado native who spends her free time perusing the MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering’s website. Just, like, regular 11-year-old stuff. But why? Fair question. She's finding inspiration for her inventions. Rao's been closely following the Flint, Michigan, water crisis for the past two years, so when she was on the MIT website and…


Granola Bars Made by Ex-Inmates Gives Second Chance

Defy Ventures is helping rewrite the narrative of American prisoners by giving them a real shot at success. Seth Sundberg is one of those Americans who has big stories and big dreams. A one-time NBA player, Seth fell into some money trouble in 2010 and spent the next several years locked up behind bars. To deal with life behind bars…


American Resilience

Stories of flexing under adversity and refusing to break. If you've ever brushed the dirt off and got back to work, your spirit's in here.


People rattling the gates of the status quo for the sake of social progress. Rugged individualists 2.0.


Erasing the lines drawn to keep us apart. Building the communities that keep us strong.

Breaking Bread

Collaborations the haters said could never happen - everyday folks coming together and doin' work. Some call it radical inclusivity. We like to call it common sense.


Artists, builders, creators, and dreamers with dirt under their nails and wild imaginations.

New Paths

Tech and business trailblazers, innovators, and takers of the road less traveled pushing America forward.

Rise Up

America is filled with people helping one another. Here's where you can meet them and learn something new. Get ready to volunteer, donate and take some action.


The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

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