JP Sears: Comedy and Sincerity Go Hand in Hand

You may have stumbled across JP Sears' comedy videos taking loving pokes at 'New Age' lifestyles. He's a Youtube sensation who first caught the eye of folks online in 2013. Now, with more than 600k subscribers, he makes fun of everything from the essential oil fad, gluten intolerance, astrology, and Bitcoin. His jokes are good—sometimes too good—and make us question ourselves a bit. That is exactly his point, these jokes roast himself too. Humor keeps us humble, it is the opening of a new conversation stripped of ego. After dropping out of college, Sears began studying holistic cultures at age 18, going…

Hacking the Opportunity Gap in Tech

Resilient Coders is leveling tech’s playing field.

Youth from traditionally underserved communities in Boston are learning to code, and heading into the tech workforce.

New Sincerity is standing with Resilient Coders, telling the stories of changemakers like the Founder David Delmar, and graduates like Maria Inés. Here’s to tipping the scale toward inclusivity and empowerment in tech.


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American Resilience

3 B-Corps Making Buyer's Remorse a Thing of the Past

B Corps, for the uninitiated, are essentially for-profit companies certified to have met comprehensive standards of social and environmental criteria, accountability, and transparency. These businesses are collective effort to make voting with your dollar a little easier and more effective. Here are a few B Corps we want to make sure you know about:   • Alaska Glacial Mud Co. Before founding Alaskan…

American Resilience

How One Non-Profit's Art of Failure Lessons Are Slashing H.S. Dropout Rates

High school drop-outs are reportedly unqualified for 90% of US jobs, a staggering statistic that leaves those on the lower end of the economic spectrum with little chance to move up. The non-profit BUILD is making sure that students not only finish high school but have the skills to push their own entrepreneurial ideas in the real world. Skill number…

American Resilience

Q&A with Artist and Affirmation Extraordinaire Hana Shafi

Here's our latest Q&A with the effervescent 24-year-old illustrator and journalist, Hana Shafi. She's a Toronto-based badass whose Instagram is making ripples across the Internet with her art focused on affirmations and cultivating empathy. Read on, and then go follow her. ★ ★ ★ Tell me a little about who you are and where you're from?   I'm a freelance artist and…

American Resilience

They2ze, Newly Launched All-Inclusive App for Transgender Spectrum Youth

A group of dogged Bay Area-based innovators just launched an app called They2ze, created by LGBTQ folks at YTH (an organization bridging youth health and technology). Funded by the National Library of Medicine, They2ze connects folks in the Bay Area with access to vetted health and HIV resources and best practices. Their core belief is that everyone deserves access to…


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