First Sustainable ‘Agrihood’ Gives Free Produce to 2,000 Detroit Residents

One of Earth’s greatest challenges today is finding ways to give everyone access to nutritious and sustainable food. We know – small countryside farms. But how can we work with what we have today to generate sustainable grub? Let’s talk *agrihood*, a new concept that promotes a localized relationship between living, eating, and working. It’s not new age mumbo jumbo, it’s actually cutting edge innovation that even big corporations are curious about because it’s working. Non-profit The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI), along with funding from corporate friends with local interests (inc General Motors Technical Center and Sustainable Brands), formed the…

Hacking the Opportunity Gap in Tech

Resilient Coders is leveling tech’s playing field.

Youth from traditionally underserved communities in Boston are learning to code, and heading into the tech workforce.

New Sincerity is standing with Resilient Coders, telling the stories of changemakers like the Founder David Delmar, and graduates like Maria Inés. Here’s to tipping the scale toward inclusivity and empowerment in tech.


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American Resilience

How to Fight Hate Without Burning Out

Many of us are still reeling from recent events in Charlottesville and are worried about the slated protests (and counter-protests) in the coming weeks. The Southern Poverty Law Center recently published a guide that is worth referring to, called Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide. We get it – the feeling of complete overwhelm can sometimes eclipse…

American Resilience

Ironically, Vitriol Directed at Arizona Senate Hopeful Boost Her Campaign

Deedra Abboud, long-time lawyer and first-time political candidate, is a Muslim-American running for a 2018 Arizona Senate seat. A recent campaign video published on her Facebook page received a slew of offensive comments. Ironically, the attacks drew more media attention to her campaign than ever before and people from both sides of the aisle are now in her corner. Her…

American Resilience

Leading the Resistance on Magnetic Fields Tour

Pinky Weitzman knows how to lead the resistance without burning out. Her trick is to make time for art. She’s deputy digital director at the American Civil Liberties Union, an organization that defends people's rights and liberties, and that Fast Company has recently deemed as “Leading the Resistance.” She’s been there for 3 years, with a leave of absence to…

American Resilience

Dorothy Day: Peace & Anarchy

Dorothy Day held a terminal belief that no matter one’s politics or religion, they should always be built around empathy and compassion. Pretty much from the get-go this was how she lived her 83 years. Born in 1897, her curious and happily rebellious streak first took the form of civil disobedience in her teens. She hung around the socialist and…


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