There’s a Revolution Happening in the Toy World

Toy companies are finally starting to offer more inclusive doll options. People of color and those with disabilities have been historically underrepresented in the toy aisles, so this is a big win for kids. Studies show that poor representation in a child's toy selection can lead to a negative psychological impact. Giving kids dolls with varied ethnicities and abilities will likely increase their capacity for empathy in real life. This makes sense. In a society where people of color and people with varied abilities are often are pushed to the side or left out of the conversation, it's important to…

Hacking the Opportunity Gap in Tech

Resilient Coders is leveling tech’s playing field.

Youth from traditionally underserved communities in Boston are learning to code, and heading into the tech workforce.

New Sincerity is standing with Resilient Coders, telling the stories of changemakers like the Founder David Delmar, and graduates like Maria Inés. Here’s to tipping the scale toward inclusivity and empowerment in tech.


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American Resilience

Codeswitch, a Podcast Tackling Race, Class and Culture

Launched in 2016, Codeswitch is an NPR podcast that covers the whole gamut of race and class. Some episodes will make you laugh until your sides ache, others will bring tears to even the most proudly dry-eyed among us. Each conversation offers relevant and interesting perspectives. The eclectic team of journalists of color who make up this podcast is "fascinated…

American Resilience

First African-American Women to Join US Navy

Before the Civil Rights and Feminist movements of the 1960s were more than a sparkle in anyone's eye, Harriet Pickens and Frances Wills joined the US Navy. Until that moment, Black women were not legally allowed to serve in the Navy. Women, in general, weren't technically able to enlist until 1942, when the US Navy established the WAVES program – Women Accepted…

American Resilience

Rural Sourcing Inc. Brings Tech To Rural Communities

People in rural areas of the US often feel left out of the tech circle as jobs in IT are more scarce in these 'flyover' zones. Many who are pursuing tech feel they have to switch careers or leave their communities for jobs. “This is the kind of place where I want to raise my child, and with my wife finishing…

American Resilience

California Ushers in the 'Gender Recognition Act'

California Governor Jerry Brown just signed into law the acknowledgment of a third gender: non-binary. Now, those who don't fall within the bounds of male or female can check the non-binary box for their driver's licenses and birth certificates. “Non-binary is an umbrella term for people with gender identities that fall somewhere outside of the traditional conceptions of strictly either female or…


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