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9 Year-Old Mobilizes Entire Community to Help Homeless

Apparently, wisdom is ageless.

Khloe Thompson is a 9-year-old who spends her after-school hours working to ensure the homeless in her community are more comfortable.

Her passion took hold after she noticed the growing homeless epidemic near her home in Southern California. In Los Angeles County, homelessness has increased 23% in the past year – a population of almost 60,000. Khloe told her mother that something had to be done and came up with an idea – Khloe Kares. It’s a project that brings essentials to homeless women in the local community.


Inspiring the community
Photo: Khloe Kare’s GoFundMe.


Khloe’s great-grandmother taught Khloe how to sew, a skill that she utilizes to make sturdy bags that are meant to last ‘forever’. She thoughtfully fills each tote with basic necessities – deodorant, toothpaste, socks, and feminine products – and hands them out with her parents on ‘Kare Bag Days’. If you’d like to donate supplies or volunteer on a day, check out their calendar.

Khloe told New Sincerity that through this experience she knows she wants to dedicate her life to taking care of others. Her dream is to open a sustainable community center where the homeless both live and work.

“I like to inspire other kids because I’m a kid and I’m making a difference. Other kids can look at me and know that they too can change the world,” Khloe told New Sincerity.



Khloe’s father, mother, and grandmother noticed the impact her work had and made the organization a priority for themselves as well. Khloe brings a face to the issue, reminding her community that the homeless in their neighborhoods deserve the same respect as anyone else.

Khloe’s mother, Alisha, admits that her daughter’s enthusiasm has cultivated empathy in both the adults and children in the community. Kids at school call Khloe a ‘superstar’ and various friends have become dedicated volunteers in the organization.

“Thanks to my daughter, there’s been a big shift in how we view the homeless community. You really have to sit down with someone who is homeless to understand why or how they got there. Sometimes bad things happen to the wrong people and my daughter helps us remember this,” Alicia told New Sincerity.

Big kudos to Khloe and her family for giving us all a lesson in empathy and making sure their community is seen.

Breaking Bread

Explorer Club Celebrates 85 Years of Badass Lady Adventurers

Society of Women Geographers has been ignoring 'men only' nonsense for the better part of 100 years proving that curious, badass explorers have no time for gender rules.

At their first dinner, a woman showed up with a mummified South American Indian head – only a hint of the Earthly oddities the Society of Women Geographers chased.

The whole thing started when a group of well-traveled and sharp as hell women wanted in on the all-male Explorer’s Club, to which the men turned up their noses and said, “You’re not welcome here.”

Over tea, the women said “Fine, we’ll start our own girl gang then,” and in 1932 the Society came to be. The only prerequisite for joining: “Only women who have really done things.”

Amelia Earhart, Margaret Mead, and Jane Goodall all became members, and the society continues today. While they’ve put to rest the practice of exhibiting human remains at celebrations, they do continue to give inquisitive women a boost, offering fellowships to the best travelers and geographers who keep looking for the underbelly.

Born of oppression, these women spun and continue to spin straw into gold and this, we celebrate.

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