Where we come from matters. Our families, our neighborhoods, and our histories are the story of all of us.

When I couldn’t find a source for news that covered all of us, I got to work building one. News that celebrates all of the people in this big, eclectic (and sometimes challenging) nation of America.

I asked around and did my homework. What I learned is that people wanted to open their news feeds and see all of our American faces, and read stories about what’s working; the victories in our lives. The search for positive, uplifting news made sense, but what really energized me was the powerful desire to lend a hand to a neighbor. To connect, to volunteer, and to give. And so we’re building a site to bring it all together.

New Sincerity is a social impact tech company, and we’re just getting started. If you’d like to learn more and get involved, click here.

I know America is ready to come together. Thanks for giving us a look.

Michael Rolph
Founder & CEO