Where we come from matters. Our families, our neighborhoods, and our histories are the story of all of us.

When I couldn’t find a feed on social media that celebrated all of us, I got to work building one. American stories that celebrate all of the people in this big, eclectic (and sometimes challenging) nation we call home.

I talked to everyone, and then I asked around some more. What I learned is that people wanted to open their news feeds and see all of our American faces, and read stories about what’s working. The search for positive, engaging, uplifting stories made sense, but what really energized me was the powerful desire to lend a hand to a neighbor. People told me they wanted tTo connect and volunteer. And so we’re building a site to bring it all together.

New Sincerity is a social impact tech company, and we’re just getting started. If you’d like to learn more and get involved, click here.

I know America is ready to come together. Thanks for giving us a look.

Michael Rolph
Founder & CEO